Another catch up post.  This one was harder and took more thought because sweet darling Andy turned one.  But also an appropriate time because we’ve been celebrating another miracle birth […]

So this is a throwback post from March 7th, but a really truly important one.  Our sweet Caleb turned 4 that day!  That (and the one for Andy) was actually […]

Happy Independance Day!  Go America! It was our very first 4th of July in Charlotte.  It’s a difficult thing, leaving the Nation’s Capitol on holidays such as this one.  No […]

Andy's First Haircut

Welcome to our new website!!  We’ve been wanting to do this for a long, long time (our old website became too outdated but the effort to transfer over was more […]

Man, we’re really hitting a sweet spot over here in North Marpepplina. Andy turned a corner in terms of his ability to interact and Caleb turned a corner in terms […]

  The boys’ playroom is decorated just for the occasion!     With books declaring love and snuggles for all.     And a ridiculous amount of heart streamers.   […]

It’s kind of hard to write right now because HOLYWINTEROLYMPICSWOOO!  We just watched an amazing 30 year old woman, Kelly Clark, fly through the air upside down in the half […]