One Month Check Up

I have been trying to get this darn post out for weeks!

Apparently we make clones.  Of course there are differences, but half the time we can hardly tell them apart.









They are moving right along the same trajectory too!  We just had Andy’s one month along with Caleb’s three year check ups.  So it was extra fun to look back and see Caleb’s one month post and compare it to this time – both to Andy’s check up but also to see how far our little boy has come. Here’s what we wrote about Caleb at his first month appointment on this very blog:

Caleb Grant Culpepper-Martin’s First Month of Life Stats (March 7-April 7)

Weight Gained: 3 pounds, 2 ounces
Inches Grown: 2
Diapers Changed: 1,000,572
Number of Smiles: 5
Hours Slept: 7
Amazing Factor: 100

Caleb is 5 weeks old now, and we had his month check up at the pediatrician on Friday, just a couple days after his “one month” birthday.  He is a whopping 12 pounds, 2.5 ounces and 23.5 inches and has a nice 15 inch head.  95th percentile in weight, 90th percentile in height, and 75th percentile for his head size.


And here’s what we got from Andy’s first month appointment:

Vincent Andrew Culpepper-Martin’s First Month of Life Stats (March 1-April 5)

Weight Gained: 3 pounds, 9 ounces
Inches grown: 2
Diapers Changed: we go through 120-140 a week. Not cool Andy. Not. Cool.
Number of smiles: Many! (maybe… 11? This is what happens with second kids…)
Hours Slept: many more than 7 (thanks for that Andy!)
Amazing Factor: 101!

Andy is in his 5th week and we had his check up at the pediatrician on Friday, 4 days after his “one month” birthday.  He is a whopping 12 pounds, 11 ounces and 22.5 inches and has a nice 16 inch head.  98th percentile in weight, 85th percentile in height, and 90th percentile in head circumference.

He is sleeping good for a one month old.  Some nights are a perfect 11/2/5 combo and other nights.. well.. notsomuch.  And whereas we pretty much had a system set for Caleb’s naps early on (his sleep was paramount), Andy kind of has to catch as catch comes.  We do our best to ensure he gets what he needs, but he has to be a bit more flexible than Caleb did. Unlike Caleb, Andy hates the swing, but luckily a friend gave us a vibrating bouncy chair, which we didn’t even have first go round, and Andy loves it.  He can be found napping in it with a hand knit blanket on him and a sleep sheep turned all the way up sitting on his belly.  Mostly though, he sleeps in the sling on Jess or in the Ergo on Justin.  Which given how snuggly and adorable he is, suits us just fine.

How’s about them apples?  A little bigger in weight, a little smaller in height, and quite a big larger in the noggin department.  They are wearing the same clothes at the same time, only Andy is wider and squatter so the thinner things are not quite working as well.  And Caleb was a super chunk himself, so we have ourselves a butterball!

And here’s our sweet Andy at a month old:






It’s been a wonderful first month.  So now, given all that in a bag of awesome, here is Caleb’s updated stats:

Caleb Grant Culpepper-Martin’s Three Years of Life Stats (March 7, 2010-April 5, 2013)

Weight Gained: 23 pounds
Inches Grown: 26
Diapers Changed: NONE NOW!
Number of Smiles: thousands. Millions?
Hours Slept: fully and completely almost every night
Amazing Factor: 215

Caleb is 157 weeks old now, and we had his three year check up at the pediatrician on Friday, just under a month after his three year birthday.  He is a whopping 32 pounds, and 38 inches and no one measures his head anymore. He is 75th in height and 60th in weight. He has perfect vision *hooray* and is doing all the things he should be doing.  Way to be three Caleb!  You are a handsome boy, a smart and funny person, and we are so proud.


He’s pretty much a string bean – he needs long pants and a belt to hold them up! He’s recently changed from still looking like our baby boy to looking like a handsome big boy with hardly any baby in him at all. And we’ve been so impressed with his recent developments.  He uses his imagination with abandon and he and his friends are now creating whole scenes to act out and explore.  He has his numbers down and is starting to learn his letters (“C” is his current fav).  He is also saying funny and adorable things, like sticking “sure” in everything – such as “I sure will!” or “I sure can” or “It sure does!” It makes us giggle every time.  And here’s a great photo of Caleb just after his post check up nap – and the reason we just bought a video monitor for his room last week:



For all his cuteness, that stuff didn’t come off the walls.  Or the sheets.  Or his cute new pants.  Ah well, it’s been a wonderful three years all the same!



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