May Day Baby


Andy turned two months old on May Day!  We took him in for his well baby visit today and were thrilled with his progress.  Here’s the state of the Andy at 2 months:

Weight: 14 pounds, 6 ounces, 92nd percentile
Length: 24.5 inches, 98th percentile
Head Circumference: 16 inches, 90th percentile

So Andy is healthy and growing well!

Andy has really started to let his personality show.  He is so outgoing and happy.  He’s a laugher.  He smiles in his sleep.  Any time he can catch someone’s eye, he’s all smiles.  He never stops moving and has become quite the little wiggle worm.  It’s so fun!  That said, the doctor said she thinks he is “particularly sensitive” which is a polite way to say he absolutely makes himself known and never hesitates to tell you – or anyone else – what he thinks.  Luckily, most of the time, what he has to say is simply “Hi! Nice to see you!”






And speaking of Andy’s health, we’ve been a little quiet about Andy’s heart issues, and that’s due to the fact that we’re still learning.  And after the roller coaster ride, it’s frankly hard to talk about.  The biggest concern, the tricuspid valve, resolved itself when his lungs opened up.  For that alone, our prayers were answered.  His pulmonary artery is still enlarged and we’re watching it for changes.  And his heart rhythm has what is known as “long QT.” Basically, when the heart circuit resets itself, his takes a little longer than it should.  As we’ve resolved his ASD, we’re hoping that could have caused the long QT.  In a couple months, we’ll go back and see how all of it is going.  Please keep the prayers coming as we know they have made all the difference. We’ve gotten such amazing care at Children’s and have so much trust in our doctors and have so much faith in our God that Andy will continue to be looked after.  And in the mean time, we’re just enjoying the smiles and getting as many laughs out of him that we can.

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