Oh Atlanta!

Whenever I go home to Georgia, I hear music – Ray Charles, Brook Benton, Vicki Lawrence. But I always have Alison Krauss’ version of “Oh Atlanta” in my mind for days after.  We love living in DC and all it has to offer, but there’s something special about going home to the magnolias, the honeysuckle, and the long leaf pines.  And something special about taking Caleb to the old tin-roofed barn in the back yard, and the big field with the oak tree under which I lay as a girl.  Even more special is having dear friends and family all together for easy visits.  This visit was for babies – letting some of my friends and family meet Andy…

(umm, y’all, when did cousin Alex become such a handsome grown man?? And so good with children! Atlanta ladies, he’s available!)

But this visit wasn’t just about Andy, it was getting to know a very special little girl by the name of Ellie Rose.



Ellie Rose is the daughter of my best friend.  We have been lucky enough to do most things in life within a year or so of each other.  Having our second children was no different – Ellie and Andy were born as bookends to the month of March – Andy coming March 1 and Ellie Rose coming March 30.  We were there for each other at the births of our first children (born 9 months apart) so it was so hard not to have her there when Andy was born or be there when Ellie came into this world.  So as soon as I thought I could manage traveling alone with 2 kids, I hopped down to Atlanta to see her.  Not only was it wonderful to snuggle that sweet girl, but it was so good to see her big sister Annie, who, at 2 and a half, has become quite the precocious girl.



Even more, it was incredible to watch our kids play – it was the first time they were both old enough to really just run off on their own and be friends.



From stolen glances



To being the protector



To some serious troublemaking



Their time together was joyous, and nothing makes two dear friends happier than watching their babies become friends as well.


All their babies.



It’s a happiness that stays with you, like that Alison Krauss song, and makes me long for the South.

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