Andy is 3 Months Old!


Yesterday Andy turned 3 months old.  He’s no longer a newborn, he’s got his big ole infant pants on now.  

The boys donned their Nats gear for Caleb’s baseball playtime that morning.  We had our anniversary dinner (4 years!!) on the Navy Pier overlooking the river and Andy delighted in the outdoor breeze.  For anyone interested, there are amazing tables and seats out at the edge of the pier behind the wading pool that make for the best sunsets.

Today, we celebrated our family by putting him in the Bumbo as our dinner centerpiece for the first time (thanks to the Cagles for that idea) and Andy and Caleb had their first real time entertaining each other.  Caleb handed Andy a crinkle ball, which Andy took and attacked viciously.  This made Caleb laugh, and as soon as Andy saw his brother laughing, he burst into laughter himself but then dropped the ball.  Only to have Caleb hand it back.  As this cycle continued, we just exchanged looks that said “yes, this is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.”

From teaching Caleb to be a big brother,


to watching your sweet face as you sleep,



your sweet soulful looks,



and your contagious laugh,



not to mention those delicious little toes



and curiosity about the world.



Thank you for these 3 months Vincent Andrew.  Your eyes are full of joy and you are so easy to laugh.  You make our family so much brighter!

(please enjoy this adorable video!)



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