For the longest time, we felt like transplants in DC.  We had a lot of fun here, but it wasn’t.. you know.. home.  But we had a child – an incredible child, and made some friends – the most amazing friends, and Caleb went to a school – a dream school, and we found that suddenly, DC stopped being a place where we sat on the surface and became the place where our roots dug deep.  DC is this incredible place full of smart accomplished people with extremely fun things to do.  We realized that we were happy, and comfortable, and that our roots grew strong.

But there were a couple problems.  DC is expensive. Like, unattainabley expensive for a minister and a public interest attorney.  We found ourselves making choices that we were not always comfortable making here in terms of tradeoffs.  And while Jess has her dream job, for Justin, the job market was just not there, and where it was involved a severe commute that drained his energy and our resources.  And we both have the right to experience a dream job and to meet that potential.

Justin recently got a job offer in Charlotte. A dream job offer – the one he’s been waiting for.  And Justin said it was time.  And we said yes.

So we begin the process of pulling out the roots and transplanting after 9 years.  Practically a decade.  It’s a very delicate process and we’re trying hard to make it smooth – particularly for Caleb.  For now, we’re just being thankful for the friends we’ve made who have become more like family. The last minute drinks on the deck with neighbors. For three playgrounds in walking distance.  A swarm of kids playing in the fountains or dancing to music by the river. For having every amazing museum within walking distance of our home and our son knowing their names and exhibits by heart.  For the opportunity to truly know this place.  For having Caleb at what we modestly think is the best preschool in the whole world.

And we’re looking forward to things like a yard, and a neighborhood pool, and a neighborhood school. Looking forward to a house where we can host friends and family (and perhaps expand our own family). To being nearer to family and old friends. To grandmas being a bigger part of their grandsons’ lives. To Justin leading his congregation.  To Caleb attending school at his daddy’s church and never having to put Andy in daycare.  To being back in North Carolina, near the mountains that call us home. We’re looking forward to new adventures and thinking of what lies ahead.

So we’re headed down south to the land of the pines.
And we’re remembering that home is where the Marpepp is.


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