A New Normal

We are woefully behind. It’s been a wonderful month with a family reunion on one side and a family wedding on the other. We have all these potentially gorgeous pictures that just need a little tweaking before we share them. And they will have to wait.  Because Jess has an appellate brief due in the Texas Court of Appeals on July 31st, and the movers come August 3rd.  But we HAD to take a moment to show you this:



This would be our new house.  The one the movers are taking our things to on August 3rd.  And we wanted to share this as well:


This would be our new yard. Our new fenced in yard. Where our kids will play and our dog will chase balls.  And finally, we wanted to show you this.



That blue line from A to B is from our house to the pool, park, and playground. The pool at which Caleb will be starting swimming lessons the day after we arrive.  What you can’t see is that there’s a little path leading from the pool clubhouse through the field, through the woods behind it to the street across from our house.  Which means that all this fun is about a 4 minute walk from our front door.

That goes a long way when we are leaving a neighborhood that’s walkable to.. well, everything.  It’s hard to beat this place, but we’re not going to try. Instead, we’re looking to this new life down there and getting excited about the differences. It will be quieter, and darker at night, and maybe a little slower in general.  Slower isn’t something Marpepps do very well (as evidenced by the first paragraph), but we’ll try and give it a shot. Speaking of which, that appellate brief isn’t going to write itself…. we’re not to slow yet.

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