Weathering Winter

It’s kind of hard to write right now because HOLYWINTEROLYMPICSWOOO!  We just watched an amazing 30 year old woman, Kelly Clark, fly through the air upside down in the half pipe on a snow board. And then that same woman fall down on her shoulder from massive height.  Her story is inspiring and we cheered as she flew and cringed as she fell. Before that? I’ve got two words for you: figure. skating.  OMG. (Justin didn’t so much stick around for that one).   How about the Chinese with their VERY LAST skate EVER and then (OH NO!) the Germans took their medal from them.  Holy snow cones are the Olympics awesome.

And did you know that, in all perfection to go with the Winter Olympics, that  it’s snowing outside?



Because it is!






So we’ve been having our own little version of the Winter Olympics around here (note Caleb with the hockey stick outside post-watching Olympic hockey):



It’s been bringing back really happy memories of the summer Olympics with Caleb. He’s such a great kid, and we love his enthusiasm for all things sports-related.  The last time, we spent weeks catching him as he leaped off of chairs head first to practice his high dives.  We’re glad this time it’s hockey.  And we’re glad for the snow that facilitates his explorations! That, and the fact that we made (vegan) snow cream and watched Merry Poppins! Which was.. well, not that great (Caleb likely disagrees). The snow cream, not the movie.  Mary Poppins is our jam. But anyway. 

You’d never have guessed this would happen from this past weekend.  It was a balmy 60 degrees and the whole neighborhood was at the park.  With Grandma visiting, there was no where else we’d rather be to get our wiggles out.



It gave us space to spread our wings and show off new skills.



And reconnect away from our normal distractions.




The break in weather was so invigorating and healing to us, where we’ve spent so much time indoors lately.  That said, hallelujah for this snow, because if you remember, the last time we had a MAJOR snow was when I was PREGNANT with Caleb. And since then, nothing but dustings.  We’ve been desperately wanting to share a snow like this with Caleb (that said, we got a great one at Granny’s, but we mean one where he’s home watching it happen).  We’d say we’re getting our fill.




Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!  We’re thinking something along the lines of building a half pipe in the yard.  That, or a snowman.


P.S. – this is what we woke to! And it’s still coming down like crazy!


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