Happy Valentine’s Day


The boys’ playroom is decorated just for the occasion!



With books declaring love and snuggles for all.



And a ridiculous amount of heart streamers.



This probably wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t on Day 3 of our snomebound state.  And I’m absolutely not complaining – this has been much needed and completely wonderful time to bond and reconnect as a family.  I handmade Caleb’s Valentine (a rocketship with lots of hearts on it) and he seemed to truly “get” it this year. He’s been extra snuggly and sweet all day – full of love!  And while Justin and I feverishly work at night to catch up from our days off, it certainly has been a welcome change in schedules.  I’ve managed to make some dairy-free and sugar-free nutella (thank you Weelicious!) for a special Valentine’s Day snack, and later we’ll make some peanut butter heart cookies (to bring to his fav neighbor friend of course).  Not to mention more snow.


I mean, look at all this papa bear love*


It’s almost as much as all this mama bear love*



Although none even come close to this Zuba Bear’s love



So happy Valentine’s Day to all of you – we hope you are finding special time with your loved ones too!  And we are certainly so glad to share our love with this community every day of the year!





*Andy’s reciprocation not included



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