The Family that Plays Together

Man, we’re really hitting a sweet spot over here in North Marpepplina. Andy turned a corner in terms of his ability to interact and Caleb turned a corner in terms of his role as a brother.  Caleb now protects Andy if he gets too close to the edge of something, or toddles toward a strange dog, or grabs something small that he could choke on.  We pretty much blubber all over the place whenever we see it.  In turn, Andy runs to Caleb when he calls, initiates wrestling, and cackles at any kind of antics Caleb may be up to. They, in short, adore one another – which is ALL we wanted for our children as siblings.  We think the fact that they can play together now has made an enormous difference in both of their personalities, and it is one we have fallen in love with watching. That said, sometimes their antics make logistical things more…logistical.  For example, here is what trying to take a cell phone pic of them is like right now:


First you get them sitting together:


Then while trying to make them both look at the camera simultaneously, one of them inevitably fidgets.



And then… face plants?



And then all hope is lost as they dissolve into a ball of wrestling giggles and your cell phone camera just gives up.



Which is cue for one of them to go running off.



Far off.




Inevitably followed by the other.




There that went.  That’s about the time you put away your camera along with (yet again) any hope of getting a sweet picture of the two of them and chase them around in the sunshine.  And you know what?  Looks like we got exactly the pictures we need anyway.

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