Andy’s First Birthday

Vincent Andrew

Another catch up post.  This one was harder and took more thought because sweet darling Andy turned one.  But also an appropriate time because we’ve been celebrating another miracle birth of a dear friend of ours. And make no mistake, Andy was a miracle.  We truly know that in our hearts.

There is something precious about a child’s first year of life.  Rejoicing in that first birthday not only celebrates the parents making it through that trying time, but also, just really brings it home how fleeting this time is.  That perfect child you birthed is now walking, babbling, and moving full speed into toddlerhood.   It’s a moment for retrospection.

My pregnancy with Andy was.. tenuous.  At 8 weeks, we were told he would die.  That he had a life-threatening genetic abnormality.  I was bleeding and had a massive internal hemorrhage. Without giving us even five minutes, they had me on a table, putting a needle into my uterus to get material to test his genes.  They told us it was probably just a matter of time.  The results would be back but not for a couple weeks.

We did a lot of praying.  More than I ever had before.  And we took leave from work and went to the beach to spend time with Caleb and know we’d be together if the worst happened.  But nothing happened. And at the end of the period, they found nothing.  They quickly restated that they just hadn’t found it yet and needed to delve deeper and that things were still terrible.  They found heart problems that would likely require immediate surgery and more surgery down the road.  They found problems with fluid in his brain.  We had plans with Children’s and second opinions with Boston and constant reminders that more problems were mounting.

Andy’s perfect birth

And then we had him.  And he was 9 pounds of perfect and screaming and pink.  After a short trip to the NICU, he was in our arms for good.  And with careful monitoring, he’s been our perfect wonderful miraculous child.  All those months of worry fell away as we celebrated our expanded family.  But those worries made this birthday all the more special.

Andy’s first birthday cake. A baker I am not!


We celebrated at his namesake’s home, and where more appropriate to celebrate our miracle?


Andy’s Balloon

We celebrated the day in a typical Florida way, by going to the golf course!

A hole in one!
Holding the flag for brother.

We were blessed to celebrate it with family.

Lighting the candles

Because Caleb had a pilot-themed birthday, we had fun little planes decorations for Andy.  But like Caleb, Andy was less interested in cake, but he sure was interested in fun!

Look at those fat little feet!!  It was a perfect family birthday for our sweetest baby – a way to truly celebrate this miracle.

Andy.  Miracle.  Thank you for blessing us with your sweet disposition.  With your opinions and your joys that you take in this family, and that we take in you.  You are crazy over our cat, you are serious about shoes, things being where they belong, and the rules being followed.  You plead to go outside, want to do everything your brother does, and are fiercely independent and a total mama’s boy at the same time.  Over the past year, your lungs have coined such terms as the Andy Siren and the Pterodactyl.  Watching you become you has been an amazing and exciting experience!  Thank you for turning Caleb into a big brother and for giving us a chance to raise you and care for you as parents.  There is never a moment where we are not grateful for you.  We love you!

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